About Me

I’ve been working in the digital marketing and search optimisation industry for 10 years and have a breadth of experience in the industry. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great clients over the years, from small local businesses to larger corporations and charities.

I love getting to understand what a client really needs and working hard to come up with tailored solutions that exceeds their expectations, whether that’s working on broad digital strategy for an international agency, local SEO for a small business or social media strategy for a charity (like the RSPB).

If you’d like to know more about me and what makes me tick as a digital marketer, here’s a little background:

Humble Beginnings… With lots of coffee!

Starting many years ago as a freelancer, I served my client’s digital needs working from whatever cafe had the best fresh coffee!

I continued to work in this way for a few months, before opening a small office just to the north of Bristol city centre.

First Office – With Lots of coffee!

From my shiny new office I carried on serving clients and started an SEO company (Kingpin-SEO).

I ran kingpin SEO successfully for several years, achieving great Google rankings for a plethora of clients in a variety of industries, including some highly competitive markets like mortgages, energy and credit card comparison.

The ethos of kingpin SEO was to deliver great SEO services with levels of communication that were second to none. I felt rather strongly about openness as I’d witnessed first hand how elusive some SEO companies can be. I wanted kingpin SEO to be different, and it was. This fact was proven by the company’s high level of client retention.

Larger Office – More Coffee!

Due to client interest and continued growth in Kingpin’s client base, we expanded into new, larger offices, at the same time expanding our services to encompass social media, PPC management, web design and programming.

Shiny New Office – New Company and More Coffee!

After a few years we out grew our office again, this time expanding into a much larger office space – we rented a building to ourselves very close to the city centre, that has great frontage.

In addition to the move, we closed Kingpin SEO and, due to increased demands from clients, opened Thinkable Digital – a full service digital marketing agency founded on the same great client-focused principles as Kingpin-SEO, but consisting of several digital experts who come together under the banner of ‘Thinkable Digital’ to offer clients cutting edge SEO, web design, content marketing, social media and web app programming services.

My role within the Thinkable Digital agency is as the ‘Head of strategy’, however I continue to work on a freelance basis and am available for a variety of services.

Over the years I’ve worked in a very diverse range of industries, from finance and energy to used computer parts. I’ve also had the pleasure of consulting as a digital expert for some great organisations, such as the RSPB (Midlands), and multi-national corporations.

Although my work life has changed considerably throughout my digital career, three things have remained constant – Offering clients excellent digital marketing services, very high levels of communication and my penchant for fresh coffee!

Details of the services I provide are available on my services section or if you’re interesting in something I’ve not listed, or even just want to chat, please feel free to contact me.