Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) For eCommerce

When it comes to increasing revenues, CRO is all too often overlooked in favour of sexier sounding tactics like SEO & Facebook Ads sales funnels.

However, if your conversion rate isn’t as good as it can be, all other work will be yielding sub-par results.

Conversely, increasing your conversion rate will make the rewards of all other marketing efforts have a much greater pay-off.

How I Can Help With Your CRO:

  • Installing CRO software to track conversions better
  • Monitoring & reporting on results
  • Creating hypothesis for A/B and/or multivariate CRO split testing
  • Running CRO experiments & tracking results
  • Committing changes that show a positive effect, then creating more tests
  • General CRO audits & strategy, tidying eCommerce structure 

What’s more, because I have a wealth of technical SEO experience, if desired (optionally), I can include SEO audits to round-off your CRO audit.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Pricing

In reality pricing varies project-to-project, and I’m happy to quote on a per-project basis.

That being said, below are my day rates & hourly rates, for the sake of transparency (bear in mind I may be more expensive than some, but possibly faster due to my experience).

  • 1 full day’s one-off consultancy: £650
  • 1 full day’s on-going consultancy: £550
  • 1/2 day one-off consultancy: £450
  • 1/2 day on-going consultancy: £350
  • Hourly rate for one-off consulting: £135
  • Weekly + longer, rate by negotiation

Note: I only work remotely.

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