SEO Reporting Check Up

Do you know why many large companies have both an in-house SEO team AND external SEO agencies?

Simple, the in-house SEO team are there to keep a close eye on the work that their external SEO agency carries out. This helps to ensure that the company are getting the ‘right’ sort of SEO, that the campaigns are delivered as per contract and that there is as little a chance as possible that they will get hit by an SEO penalty.

Is Your SEO Agency Doing a Good Job?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your SEO agency is doing a good job…

  • Is your SEO agency using up to date tactics?
  • Is the SEO work being undertaken in your name going to hurt your website in the long term?
  • Are you at risk of a Google Panda (on-page SEO) penalty?
  • Are you at risk of a Google Penguin (off-page SEO) penalty?
  • Do your SEO’s reports give you the right information?
  • Are you confident that your SEO company is being fair to you?
  • How can you tell if your SEO agency is ripping you off?

It may well be that you have a great relationship with your SEO agency – they provide clear reports on work they’ve carried out, they use top-notch techniques and have great levels of communication. If that’s the case, you probably don’t need this service. Kudos to your SEO team.

However, if you’re a little worried about any of the above points and don’t have the in-house expertise needed to analyse your SEO agency’s reports, they work they’ve carried out and the work they’re proposing, then I am happy to help you.

Your out of house, ‘in-house’ SEO safety net!

In a similar manner to how large corporations have an in-house SEO team to keep tabs on their external SEO agency’s work, I’ll check on exactly what your SEO company are doing in your name, and ensure all is well.

I know the questionable tactics that some SEOs unfortunately get up to (not all SEOs are like this, there are many very good SEO firms out there, but a 3rd party review can put your mind at rest – or spot problems before they are too severe). I can check over your SEO agency’s reports, dig deep into your backlink profile and check your on-page SEO metrics. I will provide a detailed report on my findings, along with my recommendations.

Note: This report is provided in confidence. I also guarantee that I will not ‘pitch’ for SEO work. Due to existing commitments I rarely take on new on-going freelance work anyway! My sole focus here is to ensure what your SEO agency is doing in your name is clean and likely to bring you the success you desire for your online business.

SEO Checkup Report Pricing

I have two one-off packages listed below, along with one on-going package (in order to give an idea of my pricing), however if you need something more bespoke, please feel free to get in touch.

Basic Checkup

Basic package includes:

  • Checking of up to 1 to 3 months SEO reports
  • Basic backlink analysis
  • Basic on-page SEO checkup
  • Detailed report on findings
  • Advice on moving forwards if issues found

price:£595 one-off fee

On-going Checkup

On-going package includes:

  • Initial check of up to 4 months of SEO reports
  • 30min scoping call with Mike Gracia
  • Full backlink & on-page SEO analysis month 1
  • Detailed report on findings
  • Advice on moving forwards
  • Check SEO reports each month & give feedback
  • Monthly 30mins phone/email to discuss concerns

price:£595 per month, 6 month minimum term

Full Checkup

Full package includes:

  • Checking of up to 1 to 6 months SEO reports
  • 30min scoping phone call with Mike Gracia
  • Full backlink analysis
  • Full on-page SEO checkup
  • Detailed report on findings
  • Advice on moving forwards if issues found

price:£995 one-off fee

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