Hi there, I'm Mike Gracia.

I'm an eCommerce Growth & Specialist & With 10+ Years Experience in a Wide Array of Marketing Tactics.

With over a decade of experience in eCommerce growth, I help ecom businesses connect the dots in their digital marketing strategy. From organic (SEO) through paid (Google Ads, Facebook ads & remarketing), through to conversion rate optimisation & eCommerce marketing automation.

I've worked on campaigns for brands that include:

Latest Posts

7 Log File Analysis SEO Checks Using ELK Stack – (Using Free Open Source Software)

This post is part 2 of ‘Small Scale SEO Log File Analysis’. Part one focused on installing ELK Stack on an Intel NUC, this post looks at what to do once ELK Stack is installed. I’ll outline several checks I like to perform when analysing log files and how I set up visualisations in ELK…

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Small Scale SEO Log File Analysis Part 1 – ELK Stack On Intel NUC MicroPC

This is a 2-part blog post on running ELK Stack on an Intel NUC microPC, on a LAN (I’ll soon post a tactic I use to overcome dynamic IP addressing, as despite having a 300mb FTTH connection, BT won’t give me a static IP!). Part One (you’re already reading it… welcome!): Covers why the feck…

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Moz Keyword Explorer Review: What I Love, Plus 5 Things I Think Would be Cool For Future Releases
Moz Keyword Explorer Review

This is a short post with a list of my top ‘would love’ features for Moz’s new Keyword Explorer. Some Background If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you already know about the new Keyword Explorer from Moz, perhaps you’ve even tried it. For those that haven’t yet discovered this awesome new tool, here’s…

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What is This Site?

This is my personal (marketing) blog. Expect to find posts about & thoughts on a wide range of digital marketing subjects, from more traditional digital topics, such as SEO, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) content marketing, and social media, through to more specific and less common subjects. My main specialism is eCommerce marketing, so I may lean towards eCom topics. Be warned though… this is my personal blog & may contain traces of nuts, the occasional industry rant, and even the odd rude word or two!

For more professional content visit The Alternative Agency, where I am the diretor.

Mike Who?

I’m Mike Gracia, a digital marketer, SEO consultant & digital strategist, with over a decade of experience in the industry. I’m a director in two tech companies & I also carry out a limited amount of select private digital & SEO consultancy work. I help brands & charities to develop digital strategies & implement robust, data-driven digital marketing campaigns that get results.

As well as working direct with brands, I also work on a consultancy basis to traditional, non-digital marketing agencies, providing digital support to their in-house teams, assisting at all stages, from ideation & pitch preparation, through to execution & reporting. When I take-on digital consultancy, it can be as a one-off review of digital strategy, or on-going consultancy.

Due to regular work as an agency partner, I’m of course comfortable working under NDA & non-compete agreements, either supplied by the partner, or using my standard NDA docs.

Digital Strategy

Whether you’re looking for tactical one-off consultancy or on-going digital marketing support, I can help. Having worked in digital marketing for over a decade, I’ve a broad range of experience in a variety of industries.

Campaign Review

Would you like a review of your current digital marketing campaign? No matter whether it’s a campaign managed internally or via a digital agency, I can provide honest feedback and suggest improvements.

eCommerce SEO & Marketing

I cut my teeth in eCommrce over 12 years ago, and eCom marketing is a particular interest to me (from eCommerce SEO to inbound for eCommerce, and more). Need your eCommerce strategy looking at? Let’s chat!

Technical SEO Consulting

I have a strong background in SEO & have worked on campaigns of all sizes, from local business through to international, multilingual campaigns. I have a data led approach with measurable results & can work hands-on or as a strategy consultant.

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